Company Profile

Conservas Antica was born with the commitment of providing the market with the best quality products. Our Brand Lozano was launched at the market in 1966 and since then it has been a Brand creating leadership in its category. Our secret is the best selection of raw material and highest care in the cooking process of our recipes which have been handle down from generation to generation to keep the traditional taste. We also offer a product portfolio with some other Brands as Antica as well as we are producers of some of our customer´s  Private Label.

We are Manufacturers

The strategic partnership with a pulse grower from the Region of “La Bañeza” has resulted in the opening of our production plant named “Alimentos Preparados de León”. The natural setting of the plant, located in this area of ​​fertile lands bathed by the river Órbigo allow us to approach to the origin of the raw material where beans, lentils and chickpeas are appreciated for their organoleptic properties of exceptional Quality.

Our modern production facilities are equipped with the leading technology to achieve cost efficiency and environmental protection. Thus, the synergies of both companies allow us to have strict control of raw materials and know-how of the production process to provide our customers with the best product directly from “the field to the table”.

Our Quality Commitment

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