Asturian Broad Beans

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Asturian Broad Beans

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To this traditional dish from the south of Spain Lozano has developed a recipe where the soft and buttery texture of the beans melts into a juicy broth prepared carefully with a unique combination of spices.

Broad beans, corn starch, spices, water and salt.
Logistic Sheet

Format: 1/2 kg
Volume: 425
Net Weight: 425 g
DUN: 18412100032505
EAN:    8412100032508

Units tray trays Pallet Units Pallet pallet weight
12 132 1584 801

Format: 1 kg
Volume: 850
Net Weight: 850g
DUN: 18412100042504
EAN:   18412100032505

Units tray trays Pallet Units Pallet Pallet weight
12 66 792 812