Our exclusive recipes passed down
from generation to generation to offer you
the real homemade taste.


Raw materials carefully selected
and a strict Quality Control
to offer you the finest products.


We are a reliable company delivering
our products worldwide, our commitment
is to provide you with the best product and service.

Our Products

We present our product portfolio where we offer a wide selection of Cooked Pulses, Ready Meals, Dry Pulses and Canned Vegetables

Ready Meals

Exquisite range of natural and healthy prepared dishes based on the traditional cuisine, where we offer Classic Recipes for Modern People.

Cooked Pulses

Discover our wide range of cooked pulses presented in different formats to prepare your stews, soups or delicious salads.

Dry Pulses

Conservas Antica offers a selection of high quality dried pulses for those who prefer the traditional way of preparing their stews.

Canned Vegetables

Selected at optimum maturity and directly packed preserving its freshness to enjoy a healthy product throughout the year.

The Company

For over 50 years we have been providing the market with the best homemade products. The proximity to the source and strict control of raw materials as well as the care in manufacturing our products are our keys to offer you a product of exceptional taste and quality.

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